Create Your Space


Choosing the right countertop is as much about style as it is about function. There are many stone options to consider, but we can help you pick the right material for your space. From the first design consultation to slab selection and layout, we’ll transform your space with the beauty and durability of natural stone. Learn more about the materials we use to customize your countertops.



Granite countertops are becoming the most popular choice among homeowners because of their natural beauty and versatility. We travel to Brazil to hand pick the highest quality granite slabs for countertops that are unique to every home.


If you want natural stone countertops with an elegant flair, marble is the choice for you. Marble is typically white with gray veining, cool to the touch, and certain to brighten up any room. We travel to Italy to personally select each slab bringing you unmatched style and quality.


Quartz is a manufactured stone so your design options are endless, and maintaining it is a breeze. Choose a sleek muted tone, a bold pop of color, or a hint of sparkle to dress up any space.


If you love the look of marble but prefer a wider color palette, quartzite will deliver. Each slab is uniquely and naturally formed creating a masterpiece with the strength to stand up to daily use.


Are you looking for a low maintenance natural stone? Soapstone has it all. This beautifully textured option is hardy and stain resistant- naturally! Boasting health and environmental benefits, soapstone is a carefree choice for your countertops.


Choose an onyx countertop when you want a showstopper. This rare and delicate stone is slightly transparent and displays colorful veining throughout. Many homeowners affix lighting beneath onyx pieces for added drama.


If you want all the benefits of natural stone countertops without the pesky maintenance, Dekton might be a great fit.  Made of glass, porcelain and natural quartz, it is non-porous, and highly resistant to scratches making it perfect for heavy-use areas.


Neolith is perfect for the no-fuss, environmentally conscious homeowner. It is 100% natural and recyclable, and highly scratch, stain and impact-resistant. It performs well under heavy use and works both in and outdoors.