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We have an eye for detail. From stone selection to custom edging, we want your project to look exactly like you envision. Our full-service team is ready to help you choose the right stone, finish, and accents. Experience our service difference from start to finish.



Selecting the perfect stone means knowing all we can about your project and your desired look. Our in-depth consultation ensures we know how and where your stone will be used so our stone recommendations best fit your needs.


Quality work requires quality templating. This is the first step of in-home prep for your new countertops. It’s here where an exact digital replica of your countertop is made to ensure we cut your stone to accommodate your space.


Now the fun begins. Using our Slabsmith digital virtualization program, a high-resolution photo of your slab is scaled to size and laid onto your countertop template. You get a virtual look at your finished product to ensure your satisfaction with the selected stone, finish, and veining placement.


This is where the first cuts are made. Using our precisely measured template, we cut your slab to fit your cabinets. From simple linear designs to complex orbital curves, your slab is transformed and your finish and custom edge is applied.


Here’s when we bring your countertop to you. See your space take shape with countertop installation and backsplash inlay. Precisely placed, polished, and sealed your stone is ready for its proverbial close-up.


Your natural stone needs your love. Plan on resealing your stone at least once a year to maintain its color and finish. We want your stone to shine for years to come. Avoid harsh abrasive and window cleaners, a simple bath of warm water and dish soap will do.