You have hundreds of choices when designing a countertop for your home. Choosing the right stone and color is merely the first step. Once that decision is made, it is time to choose a finish that not only enhances the stone’s natural beauty, but also fits nicely into your style and practical needs.

Here is an overview of our most popular countertop finishes:


A polished finished is achieved through grinding and buffing that leaves the surface sleek and shiny. When you elect for this option, the true color and natural beauty of your stone will be revealed. To maintain this beautiful sheen, you will need to carefully follow recommendations for use and maintenance.


Honed countertops appear matte and have a satin texture. This look and feel is a result of sanding and will translate depending on stone type. A honed finish is great for hiding flaws and wears well in casual, high traffic areas.


A suede finish combines the matte look of a honed countertop with a bit more texture. This finish is ideal for darker granite and will hide smudges and fingerprints. Soft to the touch, you can compare a suede finish to the outside of an orange peel. Suede countertops are casual and inviting for laid back living.


This finish is produced using a gentle brushing of the stone’s surface. Brushing leaves a porous, slightly grooved look that camouflages crumbs and smudges. As you run your hand across the top, you will notice it feels textured yet smooth. Applying a brushed finish will dilute the color of your stone.


A leathered finish will give your stone a “river-washed” look that resembles a well-worn pair of leather boots. This rugged appearance is completely matte and is typically applied to dark colored stone. Though leathering will leave the stone more porous than a polished finish, it will conceal pesky fingerprints and smudges.

By now, you are probably narrowing down to one or two options that will work best for your countertop. If you are looking for more inspiration, you might like our next blog, Choose a Countertop Finish in 4 Easy Steps.