After choosing a stone for your countertop, it’s time to decide on the edge style. Are you attracted to a modern sleek look? Or do ornate details tend to draw you in? Whether you love simplicity or intricacy, the type of countertop edge you choose could say a lot about your personal style.




A bullnose edge is characterized by a deeply rounded contour that showcases the substantial quality of your granite countertop. If you are drawn to this edge style, we’re betting you are the no-nonsense type who values simplicity. This classic look is also great if you have young children in your home.

Soapstone Bullnose     



Just like water rushing over the edge of a cliff, this edge appears to flow off the countertop and onto the floor. If this style is a must-have for your space, you probably have an artistic style that you love to showcase to family and friends. It’s one thing to have gorgeous stone countertops, but it’s another to view them from multiple vantage points.

Marble Waterfall    



The chiseled edge preserves the look of stone in its natural state by mimicking a broken edge or a rock face in the wild. If this rustic edge speaks to you, we’d venture to say you are an outdoor enthusiast with an adventurous spirit. Your naturalistic style translates into everything from your wardrobe choices to your home’s décor.

Granite Chiseled    



Eased edges are slightly rounded at the top and present a smooth, clean line to the bottom. The simplicity of this edge allows for other design elements in the space to truly shine. Lovers of the eased edge tend to value clutter-free living and sleek, modern design.

Soapstone Eeased    

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