Designing a new look for your home can be so exciting. Sleek cabinets, modern flooring, fresh paint…. but what about the countertops?

Choosing the right surface for your kitchen or bathroom countertops can be like finding a tiny needle in a big haystack. Time-consuming and oh so overwhelming.

We understand how impossible this process seems when you don’t have an expert. So, before you freak out, let’s start small.

Here are some simple steps to help you choose a countertop you’ll love. Take a deep breath and take your time. You’ve got this!


  1. Write a list of all the ways you plan to use your countertop. Cooking, applying makeup, and entertaining are some good examples to think about. Or maybe you intend the countertop to function as a decoration instead. This list will help us guide you to stones that will work best for you.


  1. Collect pictures of several countertops that catch your eye. You can do this on our website, Pinterest, Houzz, Facebook, or by snapping photos on your phone when you are out and about. Initially, don’t worry about the type of stone, just save your ideas and we’ll help you identify the surfaces and color combinations you are drawn to.


  1. Schedule a time with us to come visit your home. Our complimentary home visits allow us to measure your space and talk through all of your ideas. We will bring several samples so you can envision the design possibilities.


  1. Next, visit our showroom to see and touch the actual slabs you are considering. We will talk with you about the unique qualities of each stone and help you focus your attention on the best options for your home.


  1. Before making a final decision, get educated on the aftercare requirements of the stones you are considering. What is a realistic expectation of the time and energy you’ll have to devote to caring for a countertop? While some options are very low maintenance, others will need extra love and care.


  1. Once you have narrowed things down, we will show you a digital rendering of how the slab will look in your space. Especially with natural stone, each slab is unique. It will be helpful for you to see how the veining will look in the larger context of your space.


Are you ready to start designing your countertops? Contact Us to get started!